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Must have item of the day Poupette St Barth Bobo Mini Dress……….

With Lima only 23 days away (so excited) I couldn’t help but choose this dress it is perfect for lazy days, cocktails in the sunshine….. I also have the perfect sandals to wear with it Sophia Webster Lilico slides in electric blue, just perfect.

Poupette St Barth Bobo mini dress £218 here





My Sophia Webster Lilico Slides


Lima Dreaming beach style| Winter sun beachwear|

It is definitely that time of year again, all my thoughts have turned towards Lima. It may seem strange when most people are focusing on christmas but for me its sunshine all the way which is why I find myself searching for beachwear.

Lima is always split in to two categories, week days in the south on the beach and weekends in Lima for family time, cocktails, food and long walks. This means I get to have different wardrobes as the city and the beach require different pieces.

I spotted this dress by Denim & Supply awhile ago in store and this will definitely be in my suit case

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Esme Tunic £140 here


Just love the colour of this bikini

Heidi Klein Cayman Islands Bandeau Bikini £190 here


This dress and hat will make a great outfit for city walk and cocktails (sitting outside Hotel B watching Barranco go by)

Melissa Odabash Cornflower Fedora £112 here


Thierry Colson Pippa Dandelion Cotton Dress £465 here


I usually take a couple of new bikinis with me every year to add to the collection. (a couple in a couple out)

Seafolly Goddess Bikini Top in Wild Orchid  £60 here Bikini bottoms £43 here


Melissa Odabash Maldives Bandeau Bikini £186 here The colour is AMAZING


These Melissa Odabash shorts are way too pretty for the beach but teamed with a  white cotton cami we have beachside living perfection ( eating drinking and walking)

Place Nationale Vintage Cotton Cami £260 here


Melissa Odabash Carolina Embroidered Shorts £190 here


A new sundress (or two) is always nice, either for beach life or city life (you need pretty clothes to drink pretty cocktails!)

ASOS Cold Shoulder Beach Dress £26 here


I think I will finish as I started with a pretty dress which is just perfect for Lima. All it needs is gorgeous sandals (I have plenty) a hat and I am ready. Bellini please.

Vanessa Bruno Frivole Embroidered Dress £498 here







My Lima Life 7th Instament| South American Travel|Winter Sun|

Well sadly this is the final instalment for this trip as I am now back home with a lovely tan and happy memories.

No trip to Lima is ever complete without a trip to MATE, which is Mario Testino’s gallery in Barranco. Being from the area he started MATE to help fellow artists but thankfully you get to see his work.

The last few days were a race to grab as much beach time as possible whilst enjoying time with family. Happy days!!

I was given a painting on my last visit by an artist who happens to be a very lovely lady. She very kindly named the boat in the painting after me and now it is finally on our wall.

Then it was off to the airport in a mad rush but a very comfortable journey home with KLM as always. I am still waiting for my suitcase though!!

Last trip to the beach.


Coffe on the beach!

rijo cofee with sea

My beautiful painting on our wall

photo 1

photo 3

My favourite image, I cant believe I actually went on a board!!


A trip to MATE

me & mate use

The King Of Peru enjoys the art.

luis & mate

Food & Drink with the family (well a pisco sour and a cuba libre)


The journey home with KLM, Victoria Beckham & Acne



My Lima Life 6th Instalment|South American Travel|Winter Sun|

Well it has been another wonderful hot and sunny day here and I must say the tan is coming along nicely!!

Not wanting to break the pattern we had breakfast at the market again today, an avocado sandwich and melon juice, just too yummy for words.

The food is very nice but today I thought I would share some photos of the market hall, the meat, the dogs and the very scary mannequins!! All of that does not diminish the charm of it all though, I love it.

After that it was photo time for the King of Peru’s surf board collection!! Are surfboards like shoes, can you ever have too many? apparently not, as there is room for one more that can be used for very big waves!!

We had the chance to view  a great collection of chaquira jewellery, these are pre inca pieces of jewellery made with semi precious stones and I have included them below. I love the crystal one with the turquoise head amazing! It was a pretty impressive collection to look at the colours and stones are beautiful.

A few years ago this area was pretty rugged and the only residents were the fisherman and the surfers. Today on the beach I took a photo pf the parasols and the fishing boats, two worlds colllide.

The local market is chaotic!!


A Peruvian Dog, not very pretty at all!!


A very scary mannequin!!


The local taxi rank


The surfboard photoshoot!!


The chaquira jewellery



Fishing boats and parasols

boats copy

Arm candy from Laviandbelle

arm candy

Gorgeous crab ceviche


My Lima Life 2nd Instalment|Winter Sun|South American Travel|

Well I have to say the weather here has been gorgeous, hot and sunny so the beach has featured a lot over the last few days.

We have been starting every morning with a walk along the coast so todays photos include some of the things we pass along the way.

In Punta Hermosa surfing is huge so they have surfboards in the pavement and the names of surfers on the boards, it just like the Hollywood!!

Tonight we went for Piccarones which if you are in Lima you have to have. They are like a very light donut fried and the sauce is honey, they are delicious!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like the sea at all but tonight I became the proud owner of a wetsuit (blue of course) and over the next few days there will be photos of me on a surfboard. This little adventure will test the patience of the King of Peru but it will be fun.

Here I am ready for the day ahead.

meThe rocks that look like a whale.

whaleA surfers hall of fame


Santa with his surfboard, he must be holiday too!



The local fisherman with their catch.



After the walk it was time for a look around the local market and a well deserved beer.

A shrine in the market!!



A quick beer and some cancha.



Waiting for my burger in Don Nico’s, great burgers and a chilled atmosphere.

me in don nicos


Piccarones by the ocean.



Hola from Lima|Winter Sun|Travel to Peru|

Well its that time of year again and here I am sitting writing this in Lima, not only in Lima but on the beach. The sun is shining what more could I want. I have had an amazing year which ended with good news all around.

I travelled as always with KLM, efficient and reliable! I am always excited to get to our flat on the beach, the view is spectacular and I instantly relax. There is always so much that I want to do and see here but as always I never want to leave the beach. My mission is to find a new poncho, you can’t beat a great poncho they are so much better than coats.

This is only the first of many posts so I hope you like sharing my “Lima Life”


The view from the balcony, not bad at all!!


Breakfast Bellini’s on the balcony, its a tradition.


Flags in our neighbourhood Peru and Punta Hermosa


You can’t visit Peru without drinking a cold Cusquena!!


After all of that hard work it was off to the beach, I will be working very hard on a tan!


On Saturday we went for drink at the bar in B Hotel in Barranco. We enjoyed it so much we are going to try the restaurant this week.

b bar

bar wall

drinks copy“Me” already for Sunday’s 93rd birthday party (more of that later) wearing an Isabel Marant playsuit and my new Sophia Webster sandals (love them) The hat is from a shop in Lima called Praia Brava Bikini’s, it also had gorgeous woven bags so I may be going back!

photo-88 copy





Wishing You A Happy Christmas & A Wonderful 2015

and a huge thank you for all of your support this year. I have not had much time to post over the last few weeks due to work commitments but it will soon return to normal.

I am off to Peru soon and I have decided to keep a Polaroid diary of my visit and  I will be featuring it in the blog so I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great day everyone





Lima Dreaming Wish List|Where to buy winter sun clothes now|

The countdown is on, its only a few weeks now to my annual Peruvian adventure YEAHHH. I have been going through my summer clothes and deciding what I need to buy. I have to admit I do forget what I already have in my wardrobe in Lima but it is always a nice surprise when I get there!!

As I am going to keep a polaroid diary of this years proceedings I feel that a few more pieces are completely necessary to keep it interesting!!!!

One of my great favourites Isabel Marant has some SS15 pieces available and I do love the Juliet Dunn palm print dungarees…..

I will be taking my beautiful new Victoria Beckham tote in bright blue as it is perfect for travelling. (it is gorgeous as you can see below)

Victoria Beckham Liberty Tote


Etoile Isabel Marant Vicky Embroidered Muslin Top £160 here


Etoile Isabel Marant Vera Embroidered Muslin Skirt £160 here


Etoile Isabel Marant Cole Crochet Panel Top £235 here


Heidi Klein Little Dix Bay Bikini £180 here

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 14.40.42

Muzungu Sisters Sicilian Basket £232 here

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 14.42.44

Juliet Dunn Embroidered Cotton Dress £202 here

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 14.43.55

Jets Statement Kaftan £168 here


PilyQ Skirted Bikini £177 here


Hipanema Peacock Bracelet £75 here


Juliet Dunn Palm Print Dungarees £140 here


Sophia Webster Vinyl Flatforms £275 here


Mulberry Mini Lily in Mandarin £350 here


Anthropologie Heart Box Clutch Bag £178 here


Winter Sun Vacation Style|Beachwear you can buy now|

I am officially on the count down to the annual holiday in Peru, so the wardrobe situation is becoming crucial!! I do have a lot of clothes in Peru already, at last count about 25 bikinis!! and lots of shorts but i always need a few new pieces. Earlier this year I was the proud recipient of a Charo Ruiz blue skirt which I am looking forward to wearing (watch this space) but I do need more!!

I have decided to catalogue this years trip on a polaroid camera so the outfits will be important. There will be lots of  images posted daily and they will start with my traditional KLM flight, always a pleasure. When I return I will post the entire journey from beginning to end, I have already chosen my camera and I am excited with thought of my project.

Luckily I have only to walk down a few steps from our apartment to the beach but I still need clothes for the walks and the cocktails!! My go to boutiques are always www.beachcafe.com and www.heidiklein.com

Seafolly Kimono Rose Bikini £110 here


Seafolly China Blue Bikini £58 here


Cool Change India Surf Pants £110 here


L*Space Ruby Dress £110 here


JETS Accent Kaftan Malibu £109 here

JETS-Accent-Kaftan-Malibu (2)

JETS Analogy Shorts £69 here

JETS-Analogy-Shorts (2)

Sofia by Vix Aqua Ripple Bikini £119 here


Helen Kaminski Provence Hat £145 here


Heidi Klein Bimini Bandeau Jumpsuit £240 here


Heidi Klein Bimini Drop Wait Mini Dress £180 here


Heidi Klein Wide Brim Hat £125 here


Heidi Klein Brown Bucket Bag £220 here


Heidi Klein Cassis U-bar Bandeau Bikini £190 here


Heidi Klein Little Dix Bandeau Bikini £180 here


Piles Enjoy Biscane Beaded Dress £155 here


Biondi Nebu Blue Bikini £170 here


Vix Papi Orange Silk Dress £205 here


Vix Iaia Amy Chiffon Kaftan £155 here


Heidi Kaminski Navarre  Raffia Hat £235 here


Rayban RB3025 Aviators £137 here


Rayban RD3025 Aviators £135 here


Missoni Mare Crochet Knit Bikini £280 here


Melissa Odabash Embellished Voile Top £180 here


Lima Dreaming with Juliet Dunn|Beat Breast Cancer with Juliet Dunn |

I woke up this morning thinking about my annual trip to Peru, it isn’t that far away hurrah. After making a cup of tea I started checking for  beautiful things that I can take with me. First stop was Juliet Dunn’s website which always has little treasures!

I really love the dungareenis and I was very pleased to see that 20% of the profits are going to the Royal Marsden, a very worthy cause.

Look out for them on daily posts from Lima!!


Cotton Ditzy Dungareenis £89 here


Camisole Dress with Metallic Embroidery £214 here


Silk Marble Camisole Dress with Glitter £199 here


Neon Block Print Shorts with Sequins £119 here

7142 wht org

Vintage Clutch Bags £88 each here