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Tales from a Canadian Adventure|Visiting Victoria BC Canada|

On Wednesday I flew to Air Canada from Heathrow to Victoria¬†( first time with Air Canada very impressive). I don’t come here to see mountains, canoe or any other crazy stuff I come to see my daughter and her twin boys. (very cute)

So what have I done for the last few day? Walk down the road to the beach/ocean and play with the boys and it is wonderful.

Vancouver Island is an incredibly beautiful place with ocean views at every turn. I am lucky enough to be staying within walking distance of Willows Beach in Oak Bay, Victoria.

I will be venturing away from here over the next week but this is how my journey has been so far:

Air Canada Heathrow to Victoria

IMG_5016 copy

The cool thing about flying to Canada is the scenery, this flight crossed over Greenland, amazing views.

IMG_5025 copy

IMG_5030 copy

Crossing from Vancouver to Vancouver Island. (on a very small plane)

IMG_5052 copy

IMG_5056 copy

Willows Beach, Oak Bay, Victoria

IMG_5113 copy

Driftwood (always lots)

IMG_5117 copy

Home for two weeks

IMG_5130 copy