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A Canadian adventure on Vancouver Island……

This is my third visit to the island and this time it is to help move house! Why would anyone want to move out of Oak Bay people may ask but it is to somewhere not far away and very pretty.

Apart from getting ready for the move there have been trips to parks, beaches, playgroups and shops of course, ¬†although this trip isn’t about me!

This is the journey so far!

Beacon Hill Park (pretty trees and turtles)

A view from my bedroom window (deer are normal)

Willows beach at the bottom of the road

House boat at Fishermans Wharf

A sea lion approaching the pushchair


Tales from a Canadian Adventure|Visiting Victoria BC Canada|

On Wednesday I flew to Air Canada from Heathrow to Victoria¬†( first time with Air Canada very impressive). I don’t come here to see mountains, canoe or any other crazy stuff I come to see my daughter and her twin boys. (very cute)

So what have I done for the last few day? Walk down the road to the beach/ocean and play with the boys and it is wonderful.

Vancouver Island is an incredibly beautiful place with ocean views at every turn. I am lucky enough to be staying within walking distance of Willows Beach in Oak Bay, Victoria.

I will be venturing away from here over the next week but this is how my journey has been so far:

Air Canada Heathrow to Victoria

IMG_5016 copy

The cool thing about flying to Canada is the scenery, this flight crossed over Greenland, amazing views.

IMG_5025 copy

IMG_5030 copy

Crossing from Vancouver to Vancouver Island. (on a very small plane)

IMG_5052 copy

IMG_5056 copy

Willows Beach, Oak Bay, Victoria

IMG_5113 copy

Driftwood (always lots)

IMG_5117 copy

Home for two weeks

IMG_5130 copy