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A Canadian adventure on Vancouver Island……

This is my third visit to the island and this time it is to help move house! Why would anyone want to move out of Oak Bay people may ask but it is to somewhere not far away and very pretty.

Apart from getting ready for the move there have been trips to parks, beaches, playgroups and shops of course,  although this trip isn’t about me!

This is the journey so far!

Beacon Hill Park (pretty trees and turtles)

A view from my bedroom window (deer are normal)

Willows beach at the bottom of the road

House boat at Fishermans Wharf

A sea lion approaching the pushchair


A walk in the park Canadian Style|British Columbia Holidays|

Today has been 32 degrees in Victoria, blue skies and sunshine. We thought it was time that  Sebastian and Nathaniel  experienced parklife so we took them for a walk around Beacon Hill Park in Victoria.

You can certainly tell there is a water shortage here as the grass is very parched in some areas and it certainly looks like it would burn quickly. When I arrived here two weeks ago there about 180 wildfire both around Vancouver and here on Vancouver Island.

Despite all of this the park is beautiful and the trees are very very tall! much taller than we have in the UK.

A yellow Victoria fire engine

fire engine

Flowers in the park

park 1

Pretty Trees




Turtles on a log


The happy family

charlie park

Hut in the trees


A pretty archway