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Canadian Adventure -Vancouver Island British Columbia|North American Travel|

I have been in Canada for 10  days now and it is passing so quickly. Why am I in Canada? well I have to say the reason behind it is pretty amazing, I am here to meet two very special identical twin boys Sebastian and Nathaniel who were born on the 24th June.  (thank you Charlie & Phil)

Whilst they live in Victoria, today we took them to see some of their surroundings in Sidney, a rather genteel little town a few miles away.

Everything there is to see is on the sea front and it is so pretty. It reminds me of an English seaside town but in a time gone by. There are no amusement arcades only people fishing off the pontoon and quaint looking shops. There are lots of restaurants serving rather delicious sea food, straight out of the ocean.

Its very strange to think that British Columbia is on the Pacific coast, the same as my beautiful Peru, so I am very happy that we are all sharing an ocean!

Pretty flowers everywhere

red flowers


lilac flower

Lots & Lots of Driftwood


Gorgeous beach


Lots and Lots of Pontoons for Fishing


Birds chilling out on the pontoon

birds on pontoon

Memorial to a fisherman (love the flowers)

man on bench

Charlie, Phil, Sebastian & Nathaniel

charlie & phil

Whale watching (not sure about the guide!!)

whale sign

Pretty Bistro




Whales are everywhere


Spectacular sea views. I am told you can see both the Rockies and Olympus mountains! but there was too much cloud cover.

sea view





Hola Peru 5th Instalment | Holiday in Peru | Travel to South America |

Today has been a very chilled day after an early morning walk it was a few hours on the beach, heaven! The day seems to have been dominated by surfboards, this isn’t unusual I suppose in a surfing community but as you will see from the photos there were a lot!!

On our early morning walk we stopped for a juice and as you will see the promenade outside is covered in mosaic surfboards, very pretty in the sunshine. I also spotted some gorgeous flowers, one of them is the colour of bubblegum and smells like it, so pretty.

At home this board always makes me smile, it is in a corner of the patio (unless being used) and the colour is just sunshine.

After we had been for food today, which incidentally was yummy, rice, beans, fried egg, fried banana and steak, it was off to a surf shop. The things that caught my eye where the brightly coloured boards, that is how I would chose a board!! I particular loved the blue & green being held below, I think someone else loves it too, a new addition to the family I think!!!

Surfboards on the promanade


Pretty Pink Flowers

pink flowers

This one smells of bubblegum, amazing


Yellow surfboard on the patio

another toy

A surfer! pictured in Punta Surf Shop, Punta Hermosa


Chose a board by the colour!!


The new addition to the family, gorgeous colours!


Hola from Peru 4th Instalment |Travel to Peru | South American Holidays |

This post is all about the colour and what is traditionally Peruvian. Colour is everywhere from the sunshine to the flowers to the Fanta. I am a little obsessed with Fanta here, it is still as it was in Europe before they removed all of the additives and colourings, it is delicious. Also the national drink as I like to call it, is Inca Kola, which is essentially ice cream soda with more of the bad things and it really is delicious.

Sunday was party day for us, the birthday boy was 92 and still going very strong indeed, both Fanta & Inca Kola were on offer, way better than alcohol! (which I now can’t drink for 5 days because of the antibiotics)

Monday and it was off to Dedalo a life style shop in Barranco, I love it they sell all sorts of novelty things for the home, gorgeous jewellery and clothes. I picked up a lovely little T-shirt dress which I will post when I am wearing it, also a cushion for the flat in amazing colours as you can see below.

Then it was off to my favourite place for colour, the Indian Market, it has everything you could possibly want to buy in Peru. We came away with Baby Alpaca scarves in gorgeous colours, you just couldn’t get them like this at home.

Inca Kola and Fanta colour galore and they taste delicious.


A Peruvian Rose


A flower in the garden


A gorgeous cushion from Dedalo


This just makes me smile and I want to take one home.


Lots of colourful things in the Indian Market






The scarf haul, black, navy, blue, fuchsia & turquoise


Hola from Peru 3rd Installment | Travel to Peru | Holidays in South America |

I have been here nearly a week now and it has gone in a flash. I am just beginning to feel very chilled and today has been perfect for that.

The early morning walk was shrouded in mist and the day has continued that way. It is warm sticky & grey as you can see from the photographs.

Today we had a cuba libre or two on the balcony, delicious as always, made by the King of Peru and we watched life go by. Then we enjoyed some excellent fish from a small restaurant only metres away, you know the fish is fresh as you see the owner out in his fishing boat each day.

As it has been such a grey day I have been looking for some colour to photograph and I managed to find a little.

Our early morning walk with everything shrouded in mist, the only colour being the sign for Caballeros Beach which is right next to our beach Senoritas.


Even though it is grey it never stops the life on the beach, especially at weekends.

beach life

I love this menu board which we picked up in Lima and some of the dishes mentioned are delicious but thankfully I can get them in restaurant. The menu just looks great on the wall.


After nipping to a very well stocked bodega for supplies we were ready for Cuba Libres on the balcony where we watched the world go by.

drinks on balcony

Life wouldn’t be the same here without a surfboard lying about, obviously not mine! I love the colour and the smell of the wax though, does that make me a surfer?


wax copy

It is always nice when you forget what you have then rediscover a treasure, these Sergio Rossi orange sandals are my treasure!

sergio rossi

Hola from Peru the 2nd installment | Travelling to Peru| Holidays in South America |

Well I have had a few days to adapt now and as always it is a challenge!! I have 9 very nasty mosquito bites and an upset tummy, welcome to Peru!!

Apart from that I am happy and enjoying it all, I think I am in a little bit of paradise. We tend to do our own thing out here mainly just messing around, beach for me and surfing for the King of Peru. Every year I stress about what to buy and wear when I am here and every year I wear denim shorts, a tee shirt & havaianas, it is all so casual.

My daily exercise is  walking along the coast on a morning and soaking  up the sights and the sunshine, stopping for a juice along the way. I need to make this small effort as the food here is delicious and you need to burn the calories in order to eat what you want.

Here are some photos from the last few days some taken with my camera and other with my phone, it all about experimenting at the moment.

Here is a collection of things that we have picked up along the way.

eclectic corner

Surfboard and Congas

surf board

Hat Stand (4 chairs = eight hats perfect)

hat stand

The balcony is my favourite spot, the view is spectacular and I am surrounded by colour.

colour on the balcony

Blue  –  a little something knocked together by the King of Peru


COOL – my gorgeous new necklace, a cherished xmas present.


Spotted whilst out walking a Peruvian dog,  not the prettiest breed on earth. No coat makes it bizarre to look at

peruvian dog

Why plant pine trees when you could plant palm trees, very strange choice.

pine trees

Today included a trip into Miraflores, Lima and it was Pisco Sours for the grownups and Iced Tea for me with an upset tummy!!