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Lima Dreaming countdown it’s 8 days and it’s all about beach life………….

The excitement is growing as I am in single digits only 8 days to go! I am looking forward to swapping my wonderful British pallor for gorgeous sun tanned limbs. The thought of wearing my shorts and sandals are keeping me awake as I think of all the outfit combinations, (there are many pairs of shorts and sandals) really sad I know.

Here are a few more images of things that play a huge part in our beach life. The surfboards belong to the King of Peru I would rather have a beach towel and a bikini!

Zara shorts and Sergio Rossi sandals (We have Zara in Lima)

A small selection of the surfboards on the patio

A view of the giant whale (or islands) just offshore

Taxi rank outside the market in Punta Hermosa.

Zara shorts and Valentino sandals (I do love orange)

The King of Peru in his office



Lima Dreaming Countdown 11 Days To Beachlife…………

The excitement is building with only eleven days to go!! When we are in Peru we always split out time, its weekends in Lima and weekdays at the beach. I know my clothes will be in the wardrobe waiting for me, the beach, the food, the walks the view it is all amazing. It is time just spent chilling on the beach whilst the King of Peru surfs (I may give it go again) or walking along the coast for Piccarones (a bit like donuts but way better) or doing nothing at all.

These are some of the things I am l looking forward to at the beach.

My Charo Ruiz Ibiza skirt (love the colour)

Sergio Rossi sandals (tanned legs and orange sandals)

Hats (I do love my sun hats)

Sitting on the beach (me taken through a zoom lens)

King of Peru preparing a board

The King of Peru off for a surf.

Crab Claw Ceviche at Marcelo’s beach restaurant

You can buy anything on the beach




Lima Dreaming……..31 days and counting………

I have been counting down the days to my Lima trip and I have been celebrating by posting a photo on Instagram every day. The photos are all very special as each one is a treasured memory no matter how unimportant they mean seem.

As it is very windy and wet today I thought I might share some of these photos with you.

This is one of my favourites as I love to celebrate my arrival in Lima with a Bellini! This one is from last year taken on the balcony, we already have plans for this years!!


This one is me enjoying the amazing view from our roof top.

me on balcont

There is always time for Crab Ceviche and a Cusqueno in the our local fish restaurant.

crab ceviche


Surfing plays a huge part in our daily life, this is the King of Peru off to his office for the day!!

luis board

You can never have too many boards||


I even had a go myself!! (it was a very brave effort from me!!)

surfer girl

I do love the food in Peru especially Lomo Saltado (so yummy) and piccarones (very yummy) Asado and potato puree also scores very high!!

Lomo combo

I feel very blessed to call this place “Home sweet home”, I fell in love with it  whilst it was still being built, I just knew it was the place for us.





Holiday Wardrobe Pieces You Need|Bikinis and Dresses|

Today I have an overwhelming need to lie in the sun so I have been dreaming of being in Lima.

Just to stand on the balcony and look at the ocean would be wonderful, maybe a Bellini in my hand would be nice too!!

These are the pieces I would like in my “Lima Wardrobe” whether I go soon or at christmas. I just love the beach life it is so laid back and all you need are bikini’s and shorts, well nearly!!

I have found  a great piece that would be perfect for my “surfing” days!! You need to look good in water as well as on the beach.

I find nearly all of my favourite beachwear at Heidi Klein and Beachcafe  so I hope you like them too. I have Heidi Klein bikinis in Lima that I have worn for quite a few years now and they still look amazing.

Here is reminder as to why I am day dreaming it is so BEAUTIFUL!

A view from the balcony


Bellini’s on the balcony


Breakfast in the market


Heidi Klein Sitges Bandeau Bikini £170 here


Santa Fe Plaited Bandeau Bikini £180 here


Ravello Balcony Bikini £190 here


Venezuela Bandeau Jumpsuit £260 here


Beige Bucket Bag £220 here


Thread Bracelet in Azure £18 here


Havaianas Slim Fit £25 here


Hipanema Bonnie Bracelet £75 here


Juliet Dunn Orange Mini Dress £201 here


Juliet Dunn Silk Cami Dress £219 here


Melissa Odabash Fatima Top £182 here


Melissa Odabash Stella Jumpsuit £249 here


Melissa Odabash Crochet Shorts £114 here


PilyQ Aztec Bandeau Bikini £168 here


Seafolly Future Tribe Surf Swimsuit £97 here


Seafolly Prismatic Jumpsuit £92 here


Seafolly Miami Bikini in Melon £95 here


Juliet Dunn Silk Cami Dress £215 here


Juliet Dunn Gold Metal Bracelet £105 here


My Lima Life 5 Instalment|South American Travel|Winter Sun|

One of the areas I love most in Lima is Barranco, it has a real bohemian vibe.  I haven’t spent much time there yet on this trip but the King of Peru often cycles there very early in the morning and stops for a coffee. I have included some photos from his travels!

Today was a total beach day, it was gorgeous just chilling by the ocean. It was very hot so I had to venture into the waves a few times to keep cool and a very cold cusquena also helped!!

This morning we went to the local market for breakfast and I had a melon juice that tasted like heaven, it was amazing. If I could have one of those every day I would be very happy but they just dont taste the same at home!!

Finally today I wore my beautiful blue skirt it is by Charo Ruiz a designer based in Ibiza but it is stocked by Beachcafe I have been waiting for my legs to look tanned before I wore it, I didn’t want to waste it.

Barranco life on a bike


barrnco life

barranco 2

Coffee stop at Bisetti


My melon juice or should I call it nectar


Me in my beautiful blue skirt

blue skirt

The beach is waiting for me


Minestrone soup for lunch and oops another Cusquena


The King of Peru has a new toy and I love the colour!!

blue board

He is off to catch his last waves of the day



My Lima Life 3rd Instalment|South American Travel|Winter Sun|

Yesterday was quite a monumental day for me as I actually went into the Pacific on a surfboard. People who know will be surprised as I never go into the water, I have a real fear which until now I hadn’t overcome. It all came as a bit of surprise really a few days ago I announced that I wanted to have a go so we went and got me a wetsuit. That was a commitment as I would have hated to waste the money and not used it.

With the help and patience of the King of Peru I went quite way out on the board and when I knew I had enough for one day we came back in. There were a few nerves but I knew I was in very safe hands and I will be going out again soon.

After that it was a celebratory drinks on the beach and then a Pizza at our local restaurant. All in all a very good day.

This morning it was breakfast at the local market a fried egg sandwich and a gorgeous juice to make everything feel better!! I have this into a new tradition and I do love a good tradition!!!

It has been a very chilled day and we had some of favourite food for lunch Chicken soup (Peruvian style) which is so good followed by yellow potato puree (unique to Peru), fried egg, rice and fried banana. Comfort food at its best served with a cold Cusquena!!

Tomorrow we will be off to Lima for the weekend so I will be visiting the Indian markets and having a few cocktails along the way.

Me ready to surf!!

surfer girl

Juices served in the local market



All prepared by Vicky, here she is at work.



The finished product fried egg sandwich and a Tuna & Granadilla juice. This juice is amazing and is especially good when you have an upset tummy.



Having a chilled day wearing Juliet Dunn, Melissa Odabash and Havaianas.

me on balcony


A delicious lunch and a cold Cusquena!


Hola from Peru 9th instalment | South American Travel | Lima Peru |

Well it has been a few days since I posted from Lima so here is my catchup.

One of my favourite places to visit is Magdalena Market in the Magdalena district, not far away but a different world. It is very chaotic and you can buy anything at all, and I mean anything!! There is the normal fruit & veg, the meat, ingredients for witchcraft potions plus diamonds & gold. I can remember the first time I visited 8 years ago, I must have looked like a proper tourist as the sight of the chickens hanging in the heat was enough to make me a vegetarian (well nearly). Now the sight of fruits and vegetables that are only available in Peru amaze me, they have so much variety. We all recognise corn on the cob but have you ever had purple corn.

I always love to visit the “garden centres” here they really are like small sections of the Amazon. I always keep my eyes open for unexpected creatures hiding in the trees but so far so good. I took some photos of the one we visited yesterday and I think you will have to agree the plants are amazing.

We learnt today that it was the 479th anniversary of Lima, City of Kings so I have included a photo of  Lima and the King!

As it is our last weekend it was a beach day today, I do have a tan but I just want to soak it all up, there is time enough at home to be cold and white. There were plenty of waves on both sides of the beach to keep the King happy today. He was waxing his short board this afternoon for his second session and I just loved the pink wax.

Fruit stalls at Magdalena Market


fruit 2

Purple Corn

purple corn

These herbs are ready to be turned into lotions & potions


Candles in every colour and smell


A small piece of the Amazon (ok garden centre)

tree garden centre

plant 1



It is the 479th anniversary of the Lima, The City of Kings

lima 2

The King Of Peru off surfing

luis walking

Pink Wax

board & wax

Hola Peru 5th Instalment | Holiday in Peru | Travel to South America |

Today has been a very chilled day after an early morning walk it was a few hours on the beach, heaven! The day seems to have been dominated by surfboards, this isn’t unusual I suppose in a surfing community but as you will see from the photos there were a lot!!

On our early morning walk we stopped for a juice and as you will see the promenade outside is covered in mosaic surfboards, very pretty in the sunshine. I also spotted some gorgeous flowers, one of them is the colour of bubblegum and smells like it, so pretty.

At home this board always makes me smile, it is in a corner of the patio (unless being used) and the colour is just sunshine.

After we had been for food today, which incidentally was yummy, rice, beans, fried egg, fried banana and steak, it was off to a surf shop. The things that caught my eye where the brightly coloured boards, that is how I would chose a board!! I particular loved the blue & green being held below, I think someone else loves it too, a new addition to the family I think!!!

Surfboards on the promanade


Pretty Pink Flowers

pink flowers

This one smells of bubblegum, amazing


Yellow surfboard on the patio

another toy

A surfer! pictured in Punta Surf Shop, Punta Hermosa


Chose a board by the colour!!


The new addition to the family, gorgeous colours!


Lima Dreaming |Holiday in Peru|Travelling to Peru|My trips to Peru|


I made my first trip to LIma in 2006 with the KIng Of Peru I had no idea of what to expect but I knew that I had always wanted to visit the country so it wasn’t daunting.  The heat and the sheer amount of humanity around cannot fail to overwhelm you. Peru has a population of about 29million of which 8 million live in Lima.

When you first leave Jorge Chavas airport the heat, noise and traffic hit you head on, the traffic can only be described as chaotic. The thing that will strike you most are the smiles, the people are so friendly, they will reflect your  smiles right back.

Peru is a rapidly growing country they have minerals that we could only dream of but there is still unimaginable poverty, and these are the people you need to be aware of. The people who walk up and down the beaches every day in the heat selling their wares they live for the day, for the evening meal or their children’s school fees. By school fees I don’t mean the £5k a term like in the UK I mean a basic education. No matter how hot it is or how tired they are they always greet you with a huge smile.

All that aside Peru took me under its spell immediately, for me the annual trip is a joy, a home from home. It is amazing to keep a wardrobe in far flung land. On my very first trip I fell in love with a property in Las Gaviotas,  sitting literally on the Pacific shore line. This has been our Peruvian home for six years but in december 2013 will see us in a a different home after I fell totally in love with it on day trip to a beach south of Lima.

I once asked the King of Peru “what do you eat in Peru” and in fairness he could never have given me an adequate answer, the food is amazing. An article in the Economist was testament to this. Peru is a garden of eden, there are fruits that only grow in Peru that are so sweet you will think you are in Paradise, combine this with the fruits of the Pacific ocean and you have food you can only dream of.

Our trips are fairly simple we have out own routine, that doesn’t include going to Machu Picchu, Cusco and the amazon it includes messing around at the beach and Miraflores. Having crab ceviche at the beach or Lomo Saltado in La Tiendecita Blanca, just whatever we fancy with no real plans.

On the last trip were luck enough to celebrate the 92nd birthday of the King of Peru’s stepfather, I have included a photo of the birthday boy.

Mario Testino has also just opened MATE is new foundation for Peruvian artists, an old traditional Lima house has been restored magnificently in Barranco. A collection of his own vogue covers was on display at the time, well worth a visit at any time.

This december it will be different, we will be in our new property in Caballeros, a beautiful spot about 40km south of Lima. This will add a whole new vibe to the trip it will much more of a beach lifestyle. I am looking forward to spending some time everyday on the gorgeous  beach whilst the KIng is surfing the famous waves.

We have travelled with KLM on every trip and it is has always gone smoothly apart from the year the snow meant I spent xmas day in Schipol airport, interesting it was not, but I got there in the end. Last year Vicktor & Rolf had taken over the design of the comfort bags, much better than before. Pink for girls and black for boys. It is time for the phone call to KLM again.

Here are a few photos of past trips, the amazing views, the amazonian garden centres, our garden, birthday boy, surfer boy, (the king of peru) and a few more.

A view of the Lima coast from Barranco
A view from our window
Our Garden
Crab Claw Ceviche
Lomo Saltado
A trip to a garden centre
Brown legs
Collection of Havaianas
Garden terrace where the sun bathing took place
Birthday boy & Pocha, check the orange Santi bag
Surfer boy (the king of peru)
Outside MATE
The under construction view from our new Lima home
KLM Viktor & Rolf Comfort Bag