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Lima Dreaming Countdown 11 Days To Beachlife…………

The excitement is building with only eleven days to go!! When we are in Peru we always split out time, its weekends in Lima and weekdays at the beach. I know my clothes will be in the wardrobe waiting for me, the beach, the food, the walks the view it is all amazing. It is time just spent chilling on the beach whilst the King of Peru surfs (I may give it go again) or walking along the coast for Piccarones (a bit like donuts but way better) or doing nothing at all.

These are some of the things I am l looking forward to at the beach.

My Charo Ruiz Ibiza skirt (love the colour)

Sergio Rossi sandals (tanned legs and orange sandals)

Hats (I do love my sun hats)

Sitting on the beach (me taken through a zoom lens)

King of Peru preparing a board

The King of Peru off for a surf.

Crab Claw Ceviche at Marcelo’s beach restaurant

You can buy anything on the beach




My Lima Life 2nd Instalment|Winter Sun|South American Travel|

Well I have to say the weather here has been gorgeous, hot and sunny so the beach has featured a lot over the last few days.

We have been starting every morning with a walk along the coast so todays photos include some of the things we pass along the way.

In Punta Hermosa surfing is huge so they have surfboards in the pavement and the names of surfers on the boards, it just like the Hollywood!!

Tonight we went for Piccarones which if you are in Lima you have to have. They are like a very light donut fried and the sauce is honey, they are delicious!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like the sea at all but tonight I became the proud owner of a wetsuit (blue of course) and over the next few days there will be photos of me on a surfboard. This little adventure will test the patience of the King of Peru but it will be fun.

Here I am ready for the day ahead.

meThe rocks that look like a whale.

whaleA surfers hall of fame


Santa with his surfboard, he must be holiday too!



The local fisherman with their catch.



After the walk it was time for a look around the local market and a well deserved beer.

A shrine in the market!!



A quick beer and some cancha.



Waiting for my burger in Don Nico’s, great burgers and a chilled atmosphere.

me in don nicos


Piccarones by the ocean.



Hola from Peru 8th Instalment | South American Travel | Lima Peru |

It has been a great few days the sun has shone constantly which is always a good start. Today I spent 5 hours on the beach, which considering the heat was a feat in itself, albeit a very enjoyable one. The tan is now very visible and I even went into the sea, which for me is amazing.   I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have managed to collect a few bits of arm candy which I have included below.

Yesterday we went to Jockey Plaza, a shopping area in Lima which has a Zara, Zara Home and a Chanel boutique for make up & perfume. I do believe that you always need a Zara, I found a pair of a turquoise shorts in the sale and a very ethnic bag which I first spotted in London in the summer. It is nice to know that everyone is on sale everywhere!! We also bought a green throw in Zara Home and it is pictured below. I will be wearing the shorts tomorrow and using the bag so a photo will follow.

On the way to Mate we stopped off in our old neighbourhood to pick the plants that are moving to the new place and I think you will agree the colours are gorgeous. We are also taking this Caballito de Totora which have used by the fishermen in Huanchaco in the North of Peru for 3000 years. It is going to look great on the balcony.

Then it was off to MATE in Barranco, a very bohemian area of Lima, this was set up by Mario Testino and the place is beautiful. When we came last year it was just Mario’s vogue photo’s on display, this year there is work by other artists plus Mario.

Today the waves were good (or so I am told) as you can see there were a lot of surfers out there.  The King of Peru has tried his hand at stencilling one of his surfboards, I think it looks great.

Zara, Jockey Plaza, Lima, Peru

zara 1

The green throw from Zara Home pictured with new fuschia cushion.


Chanel Boutique, makeup & perfume.

Chanel 1

Gorgeous plants and things that will soon be with us

colour 1

colour 2

The giant yukka


Caballito De Totora

cane surfboard

Photo of the Caballito in action by  Daniel Bengoa which we saw in Galeria Delbarrio


The entrance to MATE

mate entrance

The courtyard

mate courtyard.

A surfboard after stencilling


Great surf means lots of surfers


A paddle found on the beach turned into a piece of art.

luis paddle

Todays armcandy