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Lima Dreaming Countdown 11 Days To Beachlife…………

The excitement is building with only eleven days to go!! When we are in Peru we always split out time, its weekends in Lima and weekdays at the beach. I know my clothes will be in the wardrobe waiting for me, the beach, the food, the walks the view it is all amazing. It is time just spent chilling on the beach whilst the King of Peru surfs (I may give it go again) or walking along the coast for Piccarones (a bit like donuts but way better) or doing nothing at all.

These are some of the things I am l looking forward to at the beach.

My Charo Ruiz Ibiza skirt (love the colour)

Sergio Rossi sandals (tanned legs and orange sandals)

Hats (I do love my sun hats)

Sitting on the beach (me taken through a zoom lens)

King of Peru preparing a board

The King of Peru off for a surf.

Crab Claw Ceviche at Marcelo’s beach restaurant

You can buy anything on the beach




My Lima Life 6th Instalment|South American Travel|Winter Sun|

Well it has been another wonderful hot and sunny day here and I must say the tan is coming along nicely!!

Not wanting to break the pattern we had breakfast at the market again today, an avocado sandwich and melon juice, just too yummy for words.

The food is very nice but today I thought I would share some photos of the market hall, the meat, the dogs and the very scary mannequins!! All of that does not diminish the charm of it all though, I love it.

After that it was photo time for the King of Peru’s surf board collection!! Are surfboards like shoes, can you ever have too many? apparently not, as there is room for one more that can be used for very big waves!!

We had the chance to view  a great collection of chaquira jewellery, these are pre inca pieces of jewellery made with semi precious stones and I have included them below. I love the crystal one with the turquoise head amazing! It was a pretty impressive collection to look at the colours and stones are beautiful.

A few years ago this area was pretty rugged and the only residents were the fisherman and the surfers. Today on the beach I took a photo pf the parasols and the fishing boats, two worlds colllide.

The local market is chaotic!!


A Peruvian Dog, not very pretty at all!!


A very scary mannequin!!


The local taxi rank


The surfboard photoshoot!!


The chaquira jewellery



Fishing boats and parasols

boats copy

Arm candy from Laviandbelle

arm candy

Gorgeous crab ceviche


My Lima Life 5 Instalment|South American Travel|Winter Sun|

One of the areas I love most in Lima is Barranco, it has a real bohemian vibe.  I haven’t spent much time there yet on this trip but the King of Peru often cycles there very early in the morning and stops for a coffee. I have included some photos from his travels!

Today was a total beach day, it was gorgeous just chilling by the ocean. It was very hot so I had to venture into the waves a few times to keep cool and a very cold cusquena also helped!!

This morning we went to the local market for breakfast and I had a melon juice that tasted like heaven, it was amazing. If I could have one of those every day I would be very happy but they just dont taste the same at home!!

Finally today I wore my beautiful blue skirt it is by Charo Ruiz a designer based in Ibiza but it is stocked by Beachcafe I have been waiting for my legs to look tanned before I wore it, I didn’t want to waste it.

Barranco life on a bike


barrnco life

barranco 2

Coffee stop at Bisetti


My melon juice or should I call it nectar


Me in my beautiful blue skirt

blue skirt

The beach is waiting for me


Minestrone soup for lunch and oops another Cusquena


The King of Peru has a new toy and I love the colour!!

blue board

He is off to catch his last waves of the day