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Lima Dreaming Countdown 18 days to go ….bellini’s on the balcony

Not that I am counting!

Bellini on the balcony, juices in the markets, a cold beer at the beach……it is thirsty work!

The best vanilla milkshake ever from La Tiendecita Blanca in Miraflores

A cold beer when its needed.

Cocktails in Hotel B Barranco

A melon juice in the local market at Punta Hermosa

A very cold gin & tonic on the balcony at Hotel B on a very hot day

Pisco Sours for three, the King of Peru, Pochita and I




My Lima Dreaming countdown it is a colourful market day…………………

Not very long to our annual trip to Lima now and I am so excited!  Peru is full of colour where ever you look from the blue skies to amazing flowers but the local markets are also full of treasures.

Beautiful baskets in the Indian Market Miraflores Lima


Woven flowers.



Candles of every colour.


Colourful fabrics


Fruit & Veg


A very pretty flower


Surfboard selection


My Lima Dreaming countdown has begun with a view………….

It is grey outside today so I thought I would share a little sunshine and ocean with everyone. I always say I won’t countdown the days until Lima every year but once I get to mid November I just can’t help myself. (it is 43 days to go) It isn’t wishing my life away it is just pure excitement to see family, walk on the sand, enjoy the sun and enjoy a Bellini to two!

This view always brings tears to my eyes (happy not sad) on the first morning and it is usually accompanied by a breakfast Mimosa or a Bellini.

A balcony with a view


Lima Dreaming an Update|South American Adventures|

Another week has passed in a haze of sunshine and sea at the beach. I can report that tan is building nicely although it is very hot and the sun protection is high.

We start our days with fried eggs and a delicious juice in the local market, for me it is always melon, they taste like nectar.

After that is usually a few hours on the beach and later maybe sometime in the pool. I haven’t ventured into the surf yet but I will this week unlike the King of Peru who surfs everyday.

The days are very lazy at the beach but on Friday we always head back into Lima for the weekend to escape the crazy crowds that head to the beaches.

Life in Lima is more hectic with lots of walks and cocktails to help with the heat!!

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Lima Dreaming Count Down…………only 18 days to go now

If you by chance follow my Instagram account you will know that I have been counting down daily for quite awhile now!! Each day I post a photo of my past trips and now I am down to day 18, I am so excited.

These are some of my favourites images so far…………

My favourite as we always have Bellini’s on balcony


The King of Peru enjoying his boards and a beer

luis on balcony

Me in my gorgeous Charo Ruiz Ibiza skirt & views from the balcony

blue skirt flat

The King  of Peru in his Office

luis with boars

Our gorgeous flat and my “hat collection”

flat and hats

Crab Ceviche caught in front of the flat and eaten behind it!

crab ceviche

The Surf Boards


Dedalo in Barranco  my favourite store

dadalo lima

The local Indian Market in Lima its amazing


Lima Dreaming……..31 days and counting………

I have been counting down the days to my Lima trip and I have been celebrating by posting a photo on Instagram every day. The photos are all very special as each one is a treasured memory no matter how unimportant they mean seem.

As it is very windy and wet today I thought I might share some of these photos with you.

This is one of my favourites as I love to celebrate my arrival in Lima with a Bellini! This one is from last year taken on the balcony, we already have plans for this years!!


This one is me enjoying the amazing view from our roof top.

me on balcont

There is always time for Crab Ceviche and a Cusqueno in the our local fish restaurant.

crab ceviche


Surfing plays a huge part in our daily life, this is the King of Peru off to his office for the day!!

luis board

You can never have too many boards||


I even had a go myself!! (it was a very brave effort from me!!)

surfer girl

I do love the food in Peru especially Lomo Saltado (so yummy) and piccarones (very yummy) Asado and potato puree also scores very high!!

Lomo combo

I feel very blessed to call this place “Home sweet home”, I fell in love with it  whilst it was still being built, I just knew it was the place for us.





My Lima Life 7th Instament| South American Travel|Winter Sun|

Well sadly this is the final instalment for this trip as I am now back home with a lovely tan and happy memories.

No trip to Lima is ever complete without a trip to MATE, which is Mario Testino’s gallery in Barranco. Being from the area he started MATE to help fellow artists but thankfully you get to see his work.

The last few days were a race to grab as much beach time as possible whilst enjoying time with family. Happy days!!

I was given a painting on my last visit by an artist who happens to be a very lovely lady. She very kindly named the boat in the painting after me and now it is finally on our wall.

Then it was off to the airport in a mad rush but a very comfortable journey home with KLM as always. I am still waiting for my suitcase though!!

Last trip to the beach.


Coffe on the beach!

rijo cofee with sea

My beautiful painting on our wall

photo 1

photo 3

My favourite image, I cant believe I actually went on a board!!


A trip to MATE

me & mate use

The King Of Peru enjoys the art.

luis & mate

Food & Drink with the family (well a pisco sour and a cuba libre)


The journey home with KLM, Victoria Beckham & Acne



My Lima Life 6th Instalment|South American Travel|Winter Sun|

Well it has been another wonderful hot and sunny day here and I must say the tan is coming along nicely!!

Not wanting to break the pattern we had breakfast at the market again today, an avocado sandwich and melon juice, just too yummy for words.

The food is very nice but today I thought I would share some photos of the market hall, the meat, the dogs and the very scary mannequins!! All of that does not diminish the charm of it all though, I love it.

After that it was photo time for the King of Peru’s surf board collection!! Are surfboards like shoes, can you ever have too many? apparently not, as there is room for one more that can be used for very big waves!!

We had the chance to view  a great collection of chaquira jewellery, these are pre inca pieces of jewellery made with semi precious stones and I have included them below. I love the crystal one with the turquoise head amazing! It was a pretty impressive collection to look at the colours and stones are beautiful.

A few years ago this area was pretty rugged and the only residents were the fisherman and the surfers. Today on the beach I took a photo pf the parasols and the fishing boats, two worlds colllide.

The local market is chaotic!!


A Peruvian Dog, not very pretty at all!!


A very scary mannequin!!


The local taxi rank


The surfboard photoshoot!!


The chaquira jewellery



Fishing boats and parasols

boats copy

Arm candy from Laviandbelle

arm candy

Gorgeous crab ceviche


My Lima Life 5 Instalment|South American Travel|Winter Sun|

One of the areas I love most in Lima is Barranco, it has a real bohemian vibe.  I haven’t spent much time there yet on this trip but the King of Peru often cycles there very early in the morning and stops for a coffee. I have included some photos from his travels!

Today was a total beach day, it was gorgeous just chilling by the ocean. It was very hot so I had to venture into the waves a few times to keep cool and a very cold cusquena also helped!!

This morning we went to the local market for breakfast and I had a melon juice that tasted like heaven, it was amazing. If I could have one of those every day I would be very happy but they just dont taste the same at home!!

Finally today I wore my beautiful blue skirt it is by Charo Ruiz a designer based in Ibiza but it is stocked by Beachcafe I have been waiting for my legs to look tanned before I wore it, I didn’t want to waste it.

Barranco life on a bike


barrnco life

barranco 2

Coffee stop at Bisetti


My melon juice or should I call it nectar


Me in my beautiful blue skirt

blue skirt

The beach is waiting for me


Minestrone soup for lunch and oops another Cusquena


The King of Peru has a new toy and I love the colour!!

blue board

He is off to catch his last waves of the day