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Must have item of the day Gucci showstopper ankle boots…….

I LOVE these these boots but I imagine some people will shy away from them as they are very prominent. They are true showstoppers and should be left to shine.

You need nothing more than jeans or a skirt and simple tee (preferably with a slogan) and you are ready to rock and roll.

I do believe I would wear these boots for years they truly are a “piece” to cherish.

Gucci buckled printed leather ankle boots £1290 here


An outfit by Carven|Look of the day|Parisian Chic|French Designers|

I do love anything by Carven so when went to visit Avenue 32 and spotted these shoes it was love at first sight, which as we all know is unusual for me!

Vanilla Wool Ribbed Sweater £510 www.avenue32.com


Dark Nude Wool Skirt £300 www.avenue32.com


Multi Snake Print Leather Heels £550 www.avenue32.com


Lilac Printed Agathe Bag £350 www.avenue.com