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Jeanius Denim Dresses| Denim Pinafores |

I have been obsessed with denim dresses ever since I spotted the MIH patchwork dress a few months ago. I can see it now with bare legs and my pale pink Acne Star boots!

These are my favourites from todays research and it includes another MIH!

MIH Gathered Shirt Dress £220 here


ASOS Denim Tilted Smock £40 here

asos tilted

ASOS Denim Button Through Smock £40 here

asos button through

MOTO Denim Babydoll Dress £36 here

topshop babydoll

MOTO T Shirt Denim Dress £38 here

topshop tee

Zara Patched Denim Shirt Dress £39.99 here

zara denim

Victoria Beckham Denim Pinafore £314 here

vb denim

R13 Cowboy Denim Dress £430 here


Sea Embroidered Cotton Chambray Mini Dress £340 here


Stella McCartney Utility Denim Dress £334 here

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 00.33.10

French Connection Blue Ash Denim Dress £99 here

fc blue ash

Oasis Scallop Collar Dress £25 here