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Tales from a personal shopping life 28/2/16…………….

Time flies, my bi-weekly updates seem to come around very quickly.

It has been a beautifully sunny week which always lifts my spirits and it is light when I leave for work on a morning! BONUS!

I have had a great few days in store since I spoke to you last, there are lots of nice pieces appearing. (for me as well as my customers!)

On Thursday I finally wore my Whistles culottes, I have had them awhile and finally found the perfect Kurt Geiger shoes to go with them (I have had them ages too). This was the result:

Culottes by Whistles Cropped Sweatshirt by French Connection White Collar by COS Shoes by Kurt Geiger.


My first customer arrived in a whirlwind of gym gear and sheer enthusiasm! She had 45 minutes to spare and declared she was going to a conference and needed smart casual clothes urgently. Forty minutes later she left with 2 Whistles dresses, 2 French Connection Tops and an Oasis long cardigan, a very happy lady!

This is one of the dresses and it is so flattering and is available in quite a few colourways.


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 13.26.45
Whistles Freesia Print Frances Dress £140 here

Next up was a lady with a very grown up job, a Consultant Anaesthetist, she definitely did not like anything “girly” She commented that she was relived I was wearing  culottes etc and not something girly!! Another happy customer when she left with a leather skirt and new tops.

On Friday I had the pleasure of Jordana who is the new personal shopper in Leeds. A very lovely and stylish young lady (we share a great love of COS) so if anyone is thinking about a personal shop House of Fraser in Leeds you will not be disappointed.

We had the honour of meeting an 82 year old lady who wanted an outfit for her granddaughters wedding. She was very specific on the colour, it had to be the colour of the scarf she was wearing, thankfully Hobbs had just the dress and jacket. She was adamant she wasn’t wearing a “fantasiser” she did laugh when she realised it was fascinator!! After trying the dress she sat in the Toms Champagne Bar and enjoyed a drink whilst listening to the piano. A really lovely lady!

Hobbs Albany Dress £179 here

Saturday brought another lady who was semi retired and needed clothes other than suits and scruffy!! (her words not mine!)

She bought quite a few things but this Marella dress was the star and we teamed it with a Whistles long cardigan.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 13.49.22
Marella Marcia Shirt Dress £175 here

I have to admit that even though I am still being very good, (that means I haven’t bought anything this week) there are quite few things that have caught my eye!!

Now it os time for my mini obsessions, this dress by Marella is gorgeous and it will look great with all of my pretty shoes!!

Marella Lace Dress £210 here

If the strap on this Whistles Chase bag is long enough then this could be my “perfect” cross body bag (the search is endless!!)

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.07.13 copy
Whistles Chase Whipstitch Bag £185 here

I also love this dress from Zara, it is very cute and once again I do have the ankle boots to wear with it, although a white pair would look better (oops don’t have a white pair!!)

Zara Dress with contrast collar and hem £29.99 here

I think it is only right I finish with my favourite image from the Prada Autumn Winter show, as you all know I do love PRADA



See you all in Paris! (Chanel, Valentino & Miu Miu!!)

Just loving this Stylestalker dress| Shirt Dresses|Powder Blue Dresses|

I have been obsessed with powder blue all season, I have been on mission to search it out at all costs.  Tonight I spotted this Stylestalker shirt dress and I love it.

Stylestalker Boyfriend Shirt Dress $140 here






Jeanius Denim Dresses| Denim Pinafores |

I have been obsessed with denim dresses ever since I spotted the MIH patchwork dress a few months ago. I can see it now with bare legs and my pale pink Acne Star boots!

These are my favourites from todays research and it includes another MIH!

MIH Gathered Shirt Dress £220 here


ASOS Denim Tilted Smock £40 here

asos tilted

ASOS Denim Button Through Smock £40 here

asos button through

MOTO Denim Babydoll Dress £36 here

topshop babydoll

MOTO T Shirt Denim Dress £38 here

topshop tee

Zara Patched Denim Shirt Dress £39.99 here

zara denim

Victoria Beckham Denim Pinafore £314 here

vb denim

R13 Cowboy Denim Dress £430 here


Sea Embroidered Cotton Chambray Mini Dress £340 here


Stella McCartney Utility Denim Dress £334 here

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 00.33.10

French Connection Blue Ash Denim Dress £99 here

fc blue ash

Oasis Scallop Collar Dress £25 here