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A Lima dreaming sunset that I have to share………

It is not often that I manage to take a decent photo so yesterday as the King of Peru and I sat on the balcony looking at a spectacular sunset I decided to dust off the Nikon. I haven’t used the camera in a very long time so I was more than a little surprised when I managed to produce this little number. Thank you Nikon

Sunset at Caballeros beach in Punta Hermosa

Lima Dreaming with a breakfast Bellini and an oceanview………

Finally I am in Lima and it is wonderful (despite the usual wifi problems) and I will be sharing all of my adventures with you. Every year we have a bellini for breakfast which we drink on the balcony whilst looking at the ocean (blessed)

Lima Dreaming Countdown 18 days to go ….bellini’s on the balcony

Not that I am counting!

Bellini on the balcony, juices in the markets, a cold beer at the beach……it is thirsty work!

The best vanilla milkshake ever from La Tiendecita Blanca in Miraflores

A cold beer when its needed.

Cocktails in Hotel B Barranco

A melon juice in the local market at Punta Hermosa

A very cold gin & tonic on the balcony at Hotel B on a very hot day

Pisco Sours for three, the King of Peru, Pochita and I




My Lima Dreaming countdown has begun with a view………….

It is grey outside today so I thought I would share a little sunshine and ocean with everyone. I always say I won’t countdown the days until Lima every year but once I get to mid November I just can’t help myself. (it is 43 days to go) It isn’t wishing my life away it is just pure excitement to see family, walk on the sand, enjoy the sun and enjoy a Bellini to two!

This view always brings tears to my eyes (happy not sad) on the first morning and it is usually accompanied by a breakfast Mimosa or a Bellini.

A balcony with a view


Lima Dreaming……..31 days and counting………

I have been counting down the days to my Lima trip and I have been celebrating by posting a photo on Instagram every day. The photos are all very special as each one is a treasured memory no matter how unimportant they mean seem.

As it is very windy and wet today I thought I might share some of these photos with you.

This is one of my favourites as I love to celebrate my arrival in Lima with a Bellini! This one is from last year taken on the balcony, we already have plans for this years!!


This one is me enjoying the amazing view from our roof top.

me on balcont

There is always time for Crab Ceviche and a Cusqueno in the our local fish restaurant.

crab ceviche


Surfing plays a huge part in our daily life, this is the King of Peru off to his office for the day!!

luis board

You can never have too many boards||


I even had a go myself!! (it was a very brave effort from me!!)

surfer girl

I do love the food in Peru especially Lomo Saltado (so yummy) and piccarones (very yummy) Asado and potato puree also scores very high!!

Lomo combo

I feel very blessed to call this place “Home sweet home”, I fell in love with it ¬†whilst it was still being built, I just knew it was the place for us.





My Lima Life 3rd Instalment|South American Travel|Winter Sun|

Yesterday was quite a monumental day for me as I actually went into the Pacific on a surfboard. People who know will be surprised as I never go into the water, I have a real fear which until now I hadn’t overcome. It all came as a bit of surprise really a few days ago I announced that I wanted to have a go so we went and got me a wetsuit. That was a commitment as I would have hated to waste the money and not used it.

With the help and patience of the King of Peru I went quite way out on the board and when I knew I had enough for one day we came back in. There were a few nerves but I knew I was in very safe hands and I will be going out again soon.

After that it was a celebratory drinks on the beach and then a Pizza at our local restaurant. All in all a very good day.

This morning it was breakfast at the local market a fried egg sandwich and a gorgeous juice to make everything feel better!! I have this into a new tradition and I do love a good tradition!!!

It has been a very chilled day and we had some of favourite food for lunch Chicken soup (Peruvian style) which is so good followed by yellow potato puree (unique to Peru), fried egg, rice and fried banana. Comfort food at its best served with a cold Cusquena!!

Tomorrow we will be off to Lima for the weekend so I will be visiting the Indian markets and having a few cocktails along the way.

Me ready to surf!!

surfer girl

Juices served in the local market



All prepared by Vicky, here she is at work.



The finished product fried egg sandwich and a Tuna & Granadilla juice. This juice is amazing and is especially good when you have an upset tummy.



Having a chilled day wearing Juliet Dunn, Melissa Odabash and Havaianas.

me on balcony


A delicious lunch and a cold Cusquena!


My Lima Life 2nd Instalment|Winter Sun|South American Travel|

Well I have to say the weather here has been gorgeous, hot and sunny so the beach has featured a lot over the last few days.

We have been starting every morning with a walk along the coast so todays photos include some of the things we pass along the way.

In Punta Hermosa surfing is huge so they have surfboards in the pavement and the names of surfers on the boards, it just like the Hollywood!!

Tonight we went for Piccarones which if you are in Lima you have to have. They are like a very light donut fried and the sauce is honey, they are delicious!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like the sea at all but tonight I became the proud owner of a wetsuit (blue of course) and over the next few days there will be photos of me on a surfboard. This little adventure will test the patience of the King of Peru but it will be fun.

Here I am ready for the day ahead.

meThe rocks that look like a whale.

whaleA surfers hall of fame


Santa with his surfboard, he must be holiday too!



The local fisherman with their catch.



After the walk it was time for a look around the local market and a well deserved beer.

A shrine in the market!!



A quick beer and some cancha.



Waiting for my burger in Don Nico’s, great burgers and a chilled atmosphere.

me in don nicos


Piccarones by the ocean.