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A visit to Quebec City Canada|Holidays in Canada|

After a quick shop in Montreal yesterday it was the long drive to Quebec City and mountains of snow! By mountains I mean a few metres of it in every garden that I have seen and no real signs of a spring thaw yet.

Today started with a very short drive into the old part Quebec City, I was expecting great things and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The weather was grey and very cold, with a chill wind coming off the frozen St Lawrence river but the scenery was beautiful.

We wandered through the streets of the old town taking the “Finiculaire” lift to the the top. The lift is great, very cheap and the view at the top is amazing. The hotel at the top looks like a french chateau and everything else is very french colonial. You can’t forget the french bit as everyone speaks French!

A quick stop for hot chocolate and almond biscuits certainly helped to keeps warm.

Funiculaire Lift

finicChateau Frontenac Hotel


A view of Old Quebec

old quebec

Frozen St Lawrence River

frozen river

Paintings on end of buildings

street art 1

street art 2