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Take two Whistles jackets both are versatile which one to choose?

With thoughts of my trip to Canada in April  already filling my head  it will come as no surprise to know  that I am wondering what to take with me!

I know the weather will be unpredictable but it will mild and although I will take my parka and I know I will need a lighter jacket.

In the last few days I have spotted two in Whistles and they will both work so well with jeans and over a sweatshirt/jumper in Canada.  I know they will also work over most of my clothes here and I am especially thinking of my playsuits.

Whistles Embroidered Utility Jacket £129 here

I do love this next one and I have already tried it on in store, the length and colour are perfect for me. The colour may just be a more versatile!

Whistles Utility Jacket £119 here