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10 denim pieces you need for summer days………..

I always love pretty denim pieces when summer arrives and a denim jumpsuit is just wonderful. (I do love a jumpsuit)

I know autumn is only a moment away but some of these pieces will see you through to cooler days. I will be lucky enough to have my summer again in January (Lima Dreaming)

This jumpsuit at Anthropologie is probably the perfect place to start and the Whistles pink denim jacket a perfect finish.


Lucile Tied Denim Jumpsuit £128 here

Anthropologie Halle Chambray Wide Leg Jumpsuit £118 here

M.i.h Park Wintage Denim Skirt £195 here

M.i.h Caron Wide Leg Pant £215 here

7 For All Mankind Popover dress £246 here

Zara denim shorts wire zip and eyelets £25.99 here

Zara Bejewelled & Embroidered Shirt £25.99  here

Apiece Apart Novella off the shoulder denim midi £290 here

Other Storied Two Toned Jeans £59 here

Whistles Pink Ring Puller Denim Jacket £129 here



Outfit of the day Bomber Jackets & Blues

I cannot wait to wear this outfit I just love it all. I am seriously into the comfort of  sneakers instead of heels to run around the store all day.  Even better the whole outfit is all hues of blue (I do love blue!!)

Warehouse Culotte Jumpsuit £59 here

Kurt Geiger Carvela £110 here

Zara Bomber Jacket £39.99 here

Tales from a personal shopping life 31/1/16

Well I have now completed my first week back at work, the tan is already fading!! It has been a great week and since I wrote last I have had some more fun.

Wednesday was my day off so it was off to the hairdresser to have a much needed cut and colour, I now feel less beach and more city!!

Then I tried on so many things in Zara and bought this denim dress and it is so cute.

Oversized Dress £29.99 This little piece will work with both pairs of boots that I have included and will look just perfect.
Oversized Dress £29.99 here This little piece will work with both pairs of boots that I have included and will look just perfect.

Next it was a trip to Selfridges for a good look around especially at the shoes!! I was a little  disappointed that the Isabel Marant Drew boots weren’t there (sad face) but I did try a great pair of Miu Miu pumps. (when I say great I actually couldn’t breath I was so excited)

I will probably include this photo of the green Drew boots until I find them or lose all hope!! I know that sounds dramatic but you cant imagine how much I would like these boots, they have turned into the Holy Grail!!

metallic green just perfect
The elusive metallic green Drew boots that are just perfect
miu miu pumps
Will I regret not buying the beautiful Miu Miu pumps

I also tried this rather lovely jumpsuit on in Whistles I would like to buy it but I need those Drew boots.

The back detail is gorgeous and it looks lovely with a tan! HELP





On thursday I had an encounter with a very lovely and elegant lady who needed a chocolate brown cashmere jumper to wear with skirt she had bought last year. I found the jumper for her and now I am going to send her photos of everything I think she might like. Projects like this are amazing for me I just love to look for clothes for other people.

The “mother of the bride” season is well and truly underway as I have had a few this week, it is incredibly satisfying when they stand in there full regalia looking happy. It is the very beginning of the season so I know I have numerous more to come over the next few months.

Saturday is always a fun day but a very busy day and yesterday was no exception, I had a repeat customer yesterday afternoon, she always buys multiple pairs of shoes!! That can only be classed as a dream client!!

The day always ends on the same note the King of Peru always meets me in Toms Champagne Bar, which is conveniently situated outside of my personal shopping suite and we have a drink. I look forward to his appearance at the end of a busy day.