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Must have item of the day Gucci bomber| Ladies striped bomber jackets|

Finding a must have item every day is usually easy but today it was the first item I saw. I opened mytheresa.com and there it was just looking and talking to me.  It is so simple but so perfect.

Gucci Bomber Jacket £545 here


Look of the day its blue & white stripes with great shoes…….

I do love blue and white stripes they just look so fresh. This Zara shirt is simple but the sleeve ties adds a cool twist. I would wear it these Topshop Boutique jeans and a great pair of shoes.

Zara Striped Shirt £25.99 here

Topshop Boutique Cuffed Jeans £60 here

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Must have item of the day it’s new denim for the new year………..

I am truly smitten with these jeans but as I am flying to Peru (Lima Dreaming) in a few days I  will have to wait until I come back.

I can think of so many pairs of shoes and boots to wear with them.


Topshop Cuff Contrast Jeans by Boutique £60 here

Perfect Dress from Ted Baker|White Collar & Cuff Dress| Embellished Dresses|

For me this is the perfect addition to my black work wardrobe. I just love white collars and cuffs, they are just neat and I love neat!!

I can wear this with now with bare legs and add opaques when it cools down.

Ted Baker Eelah Embellished Dress £139 here