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EK Thongprasert Statement Necklaces|Embellished Jewellery |

These necklaces all look like they belong in the dressing up box, they are so pretty. Almost good enough to eat!

My favourite is the  Green Goddess, the lilac will look so pretty against all of my summer blues and whites.

White American Star £850 here

ek white american

Turquoise Aeonium £630 here


Wrexham Buttercup £610 here

wrexham buttercup

Impatiens Fusion £490 here


Green Goddess £515 here

green goddess

Aguelia Alpina £995 here

blue alpina

Having a Valentino moment! |Rockstud Tote | Oversized Shirt |

Valentino can do no wrong in my eyes and these two pieces  I just spotted on Browns website support this.

The pale blue shirt is a definitely a great addition to the wardrobe for summer, it is going to look great with jeans and shorts.

I have been a fan of the Rockstud tote for quite awhile but these green is divine, I feel an obsession coming on.

Valentino oversized cotton shirt £395 here

valentino shirt 1

valentino 2

Valentino Rockstud Tote £1465 here

valentino green 1

valentino green 2

Valentino Rockstud Flats in Neon Orange | Neon Shoes | Valentino Rockstuds |

These shoes are the things dreams are made of, well mine anyway. How good will these look on brown legs??? I am am obviously day dreaming about wearing them in Peru…….santa if you are reading this…………

Valentino Rockstud Flats £550 here

valent 1

valent 2

valent 3

valent 4

valent 5

valent 6

valent 7