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Tales from a personal shopping life 6/2/16…………

Hello again and yes it is that time again already. It has been a wonderful end to the week in store (House of Fraser Manchester) and once again I will say “I love my job”

I finally wore my blue dress from Zara yesterday and I do love it, it is so simple and my silver Acne Star Boots were the perfect addition!! The fact that I also had blue ankle socks under my boots brought the comment “Oh look at you fancy nancy” you know who you are Gemma!! I have had the socks awhile and there was no planning involved honestly!

IMG_4315 copyHave there been any mini obsessions this week? of course there has!!

Whistles Bay Crepe Jumpsuit £160 here

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 12.48.40

Whistles Payne Leather Jacket £350 here

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 12.52.25

Whistles Foldover Clutch £90 here

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 13.03.06

You may think I have a bit of obsession with Whistles and yes I do but the reason is there is such a great collection in store (House of Fraser) and I see it every day. NOT MY FAULT!

I had a bit of moment on Friday morning, I realised that my lovely mini doesn’t appreciate being driven in the snow. It took a very galant bus driver and 6 of his passengers to get it moving on a snowy hill.  After that I had to call home so the King of Peru could come and help me turn the car around and take it back home. It makes you realise that there are a lot of very nice people out there and how lucky we are to encounter them.

It has been another few days of lovely customers in store for me. On Friday I had a lovely girl just wanting a bit of refresh as she felt she was always in black skinny jeans and neutral jumpers. There was definitely a bit of orange in her wardrobe when she left and she looked amazing in this dress.

Oasis Stripe Dress £60 here

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 13.16.58

Saturday brought some lovely customers, the first of the day was a solicitor returning to work after maternity leave and her friend. It was quite funny because they both bought the same dress from Gray & Willow plus lots more!!

Gray & Willow Pia Layered Jersey Dress £49 here

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 13.22.14

Next up was a lady who had travelled from Maidstone in Kent for a 40th birthday outfit. She didn’t like girly, never wore dresses and didn’t like heels. Well we had a real giggle whilst she tried clothes on but I did find her the perfect dress and shoes.

Ted Baker Beryll Ethereal Poste Dress £179 here

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 13.27.51

Carvela Sophia £99 here


To end the day I had a young girl looking for a prom dress, no sparkles just simple was my brief and we did find her the perfect dress. Both her and mum are back next week for outfits for a special event in London so watch this space.

Paris Fashion week is well under way and in the last few days I have seen Chloe, Isabel Marant and Dior and these are my favourites images from each.


Isabel Marant

The Valentino show is on Tuesday so I will share it with you on Wednesday. Have a good week.

Tales from a personal shopping life 21/2/16

Here we are again, it’s Sunday already!

To strike a theme for the last few days I am trying to be exceptionally good at not buying everything I like.

Bearing this in mind there have been a lot of giggles around store in the last few days as I tell everyone that I am going to be very good and I won’t be buying so many things that I don’t really need. I want to end this year feeling like I have saved something instead of wearing it all. It is so easy to get carried away when you are surrounded by clothes and shoes!!! My first test was this small drawstring bag from Whistles, it was only in black in store and I was successful at walking away from it but I have just spotted it in orange on the website HELP It is just big enough for a phone a card and lipstick.

Whistles Micro Sydney Bag £95 here 

whistles-micro-sidney-fringe-bag-orange_medium_04I am really lucky that I get to meet some very interesting people everyday at work, this week has been no exception at all.

On Thursday,I had a young mum who had been given a voucher to spend on new clothes. These appointments are so special as quite often they haven’t shopped properly for themselves for a few years. Watching them transform as they try on the clothes is a pleasure, they forget what is like to look good. All it took was carefully chosen pieces from Oasis and Warehouse and the result was a very happy customer.

I also had the pleasure of finding a prom dress for a lovely young lady, it was very easy, a simple floor length cami dress with beading in grey. She looked stunning and the icing on the cake was mum was going to buy her Jimmy Choo‘s to wear with it. What more can a girl ask for?

Friday brought me more lovely customers especially a very beautiful lady looking for 80th birthday outfits!! She certainly didn’t look anywhere near that age either in her face or her figure!! Her secret I believe is that she does yoga everyday and has done for many years and the fact she enjoys life. For her birthday she was taking 22 members of her family to the Lakes as a treat.

The outfits that I chose for her where full of colour and they absolutely reflected her personality. We discussed different styles of yoga and she made her recommendations for both The King of Peru and myself. Watch this space for the new yoga regimes!!

A photo of my beautiful shells in my shopping suite.


Another of the weeks mini obsessions is the Chloe Hudson bag with fringing, I think you will agree it is gorgeous.

Chloe Mini Hudson Bag £1395 here


Whistles are being very torturous at the moment as this top arrived in store, it is lovely but completely unwearable for work until it warms up. I do love fringing!!

Whistles Manderley Crochet Vest £95 here

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 14.20.34

Returning to the orange theme (remember the bag) these sandals are also pretty cool.

Whistles Luma Ankle Strap Sandals £175 here

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 14.52.35

A lot of my attention is on Fashion week in whatever city it maybe, in New York Victoria Beckham stole the show as always. The lady has great style.


In London so far these images have caught my eye:

Mary Katrantzou
Simone Rocha
Topshop Unique

Next Milan which I love as there will be Prada, I do love PRADA

I found these sandals earlier on the Prada website, how gorgeous are they?

Prada Sandals £795 here

Prada sandals

See you in Milan.




Tales from a personal shopping diary 16/2/16

Its that time of the week again a day off and as always I have lots to say.

Since I spoke to you last I have had so many lovely customers and all of them so different.

Last Thursday I had a very lovely young lady who wanted to update her work wardrobe, she was tall and slim but didn’t see her self that way at all.

This black Izzey dress from Whistles certainly changed her mind, she looked amazing!  I would  recommend this dress to anyone the side gathering  makes for a very flattering dress indeed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 08.53.08
Whistles Izzey Dress £130 here

Saturday is always busy and I do look forward to them, I always try to wear something special. I wore a top and boots by Isabel Marant with Zara jeans and it felt great. It certainly inspired the four lovely ladies that came on Saturday afternoon I replicated the outfit from brands in store. They drank champagne in honour of a birthday in their midst and bought lots of new clothes. They have even rebooked for early May, another appointment full of giggles.

Boots & Top Isabel Marant Jeans Zara

Yesterday I had a lovely surprise a rather nice bottle of champagne was delivered to store from a very kind customer. A huge thank you as it was very much appreciated.


Tuesday morning brought another delightful customer who is returning to work next week. A lady with two children under 3 and one aged 7 just the shopping time alone was a treat for her as she hadn’t shopped for herself properly for quite a few years. It was lovely to see her confidence grow as each outfit was chosen. Warehouse and Oasis certainly performed well for this lady.

The Chinese God of Wealth has been in store all day (House of Fraser) with his entourage and I have to say he looked rather grand but very friendly. They came to have a look around my shopping suite and thought it was very nice, apparently better than others they have seen!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 09.07.10

This afternoon brought a serious life lesson in the form of a phone call. A terminally ill lady wanted an appointment to choose an outfit to get married in, she is coming to see me in two weeks and gets married at the end of March. She is planning the wedding at very short notice with such enthusiasm that I found it infectious. I will definitely ensure she has a very special time finding her special outfit.

Afterwards it made me think how easy it is to think we have real problems when in reality most things we worry about are rubbish. Our health is everything and I for one will be looking after mine a little better.

Watch this space in two weeks as Clarins have invited me to have a facial and a makeover, I will tell you all about it.

You might now be thinking about the obsessions I usually have with shoes or bags, well this week it is this Saint Laurent bag, I spotted it online at Mytheresa when I was in Peru but it has jumped up the ranks once more!! Such beauty!

Saint Laurent Monogram Fringed Bag £590 here

The cold shoulder is everywhere this season and this LBD from Whistles is perfect. I would wear it to work with ankle boots now or something colourful and pretty as the weather warms up.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 09.03.27
Whistles Cold Shoulder Dress £130 here

Tales from a Personal Shopping Life 3/2/16

Well it is my day off again, time does fly when you are having fun.

The week started well on Sunday I made a chilli, the first ever, and it was delicious! I was very pleased with myself another dish to add to my small repertoire!!

House of Fraser social media also picked up on my tales on Sunday which was very good.

Monday was an excellent day indeed as far as customers and shopping go.

I had a customer who had never been to House Of Fraser for personal shopping before and she was a dream. She lives on the Isle of Man and came for a work suit but ended up buying loads of workwear and casual clothes too. Even better she is coming back in about 5 weeks to see me again, a very nice lady. It is such a pleasure to shop for people who are so enthusiastic about clothes.

Tuesday brought me completely different challenges, first I had a lady of 82 who was lovely but had a very strict criteria of what she would or wouldn’t wear.  It’s strange but none of those things matter when the clients are interesting.

Sadly my last lady yesterday had a sad story, she needed a dress to wear to a funeral I was so happy that I found her one she loved. It was nice to see her smile a little.

Today I took my beautiful Miu Miu sparkly Mary Janes (see below) back to Selfridges as they snapped last Friday as I was walking across Deansgate, I was a very unhappy little person as I do love them. Happily they are now off to be mended and they will be away for a few weeks, I will miss them as they are so comfortable for busy days.

miu miu
My beautiful Miu Miu Mary Jane flats

I have spent many more hours obsessing about the Isabel Marant Drew boots but at the same time I do love my Isabel Marant Danae boots and I have spotted them in metallic on Farfetch

im boots & top
My much loved Isabel Marant Danae Boots
im boots
Isabel Marant Metallic Danae Boots here

I have been obsessing about a pair of cropped flared jeans but sadly I cant find the perfect pair but I did find these in Zara today and I think they are gorgeous!! (very happy face), I will be taking them to be shortened tomorrow as I cant wait to wear them!! Just love the frayed hems.

Zara slouchy jeans here

To finish on a very bright note as I was walking through Harvey Nichols this morning I spotted this bag and I think you will agree it is beautiful. I have the Victoria Beckham Liberty Tote in bright blue and this is the Quincy tote, it is a smaller version. Pretty sunshine yellow to brighten grey days.

Victoria Beckham Quincy Tote here


Tales from a personal shopping life 31/1/16

Well I have now completed my first week back at work, the tan is already fading!! It has been a great week and since I wrote last I have had some more fun.

Wednesday was my day off so it was off to the hairdresser to have a much needed cut and colour, I now feel less beach and more city!!

Then I tried on so many things in Zara and bought this denim dress and it is so cute.

Oversized Dress £29.99 This little piece will work with both pairs of boots that I have included and will look just perfect.
Oversized Dress £29.99 here This little piece will work with both pairs of boots that I have included and will look just perfect.

Next it was a trip to Selfridges for a good look around especially at the shoes!! I was a little  disappointed that the Isabel Marant Drew boots weren’t there (sad face) but I did try a great pair of Miu Miu pumps. (when I say great I actually couldn’t breath I was so excited)

I will probably include this photo of the green Drew boots until I find them or lose all hope!! I know that sounds dramatic but you cant imagine how much I would like these boots, they have turned into the Holy Grail!!

metallic green just perfect
The elusive metallic green Drew boots that are just perfect
miu miu pumps
Will I regret not buying the beautiful Miu Miu pumps

I also tried this rather lovely jumpsuit on in Whistles I would like to buy it but I need those Drew boots.

The back detail is gorgeous and it looks lovely with a tan! HELP





On thursday I had an encounter with a very lovely and elegant lady who needed a chocolate brown cashmere jumper to wear with skirt she had bought last year. I found the jumper for her and now I am going to send her photos of everything I think she might like. Projects like this are amazing for me I just love to look for clothes for other people.

The “mother of the bride” season is well and truly underway as I have had a few this week, it is incredibly satisfying when they stand in there full regalia looking happy. It is the very beginning of the season so I know I have numerous more to come over the next few months.

Saturday is always a fun day but a very busy day and yesterday was no exception, I had a repeat customer yesterday afternoon, she always buys multiple pairs of shoes!! That can only be classed as a dream client!!

The day always ends on the same note the King of Peru always meets me in Toms Champagne Bar, which is conveniently situated outside of my personal shopping suite and we have a drink. I look forward to his appearance at the end of a busy day.

Tales from a Personal Shopping Life

I have so much fun every day that I have decided to share it with you. Who could have thought that being a personal shopper in a department store could yield so many stories.

As you know I am a personal shopper/stylist at House of Fraser in Manchester and it is a cool place to work.

On Monday I was very excited to be returning to work after my trip to Peru, I know this may sound a little sad!! but I do love my job and more importantly the people both staff and customers.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed after all of the welcome back hugs, the “we missed you” and the comments about the tan is was business as usual.

i didn’t have to wait very long for a giggle, I returned a phone call to a customer and a beautifully spoken lady asked me if I could call her back in half an hour as she was having her morning coffee and watching TV and she did’t like to be disturbed. what could I say? The good news is she is coming to see me soon and I am sure she will be fun.

After all of the diary updates it was time to catch up with up with what new clothes we had in store, I love this bit it is a bit like christmas on delivery days.

I had a good rummage around  Whistles and it is a great place for me to catch up with what is going on around Manchester, you know who you are Gem.  A great piece of gossip which I hope is true!! The French Connection store has closed in my absence but the rumour is & Other Stories are taking it over!! Exciting. If even its not true. Unfortunately they didn’t have the cropped flared jeans I wanted to try but they did track them down for me and I am going to try them today.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 16.19.14
Whistles Cropped Flared Jeans £95 here

I did share my obsession of the metallic green Isabel Marant Drew boots, I told them how I had checked all of the websites everyday whilst I was away incase I missed them, but sadly still no joy.

metallic green just perfect
Isabel Marant Drew Boots in metallic green just perfect.

Then it was my first customer of the year, a young mum returning to work after maternity leave, what a delight. She was returning to banking but she really suited vibrant colours so we kept the skirts formal and the tops colourful it worked perfectly.

A perfect first day back.

My first customer yesterday was a no show so I called her to see if she was running late but she did make me laugh when she said “oh I couldn’t be bothered love” What can you say!!

A very lovely lady from Liverpool who was about to be the mother of bride made me smile yesterday when she declared me amazing and asked where had been all of her life!! It makes everything worth while.

We do have quite a few characters in store and I love a certain young lady on the 5th floor she happily gives out pink bags all day on the collection point. Yesterday she announced she needed to learn to drive but also declared she wouldn’t be very good at as she cant see and is very easily distracted!! I hope her parents realise that after she passes her test she requires a “cool car” like mine!! Apparently mini’s are cool, well I certainly think so.