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Lima Dreaming with a breakfast Bellini and an oceanview………

Finally I am in Lima and it is wonderful (despite the usual wifi problems) and I will be sharing all of my adventures with you. Every year we have a bellini for breakfast which we drink on the balcony whilst looking at the ocean (blessed)

Lima Dreaming……..31 days and counting………

I have been counting down the days to my Lima trip and I have been celebrating by posting a photo on Instagram every day. The photos are all very special as each one is a treasured memory no matter how unimportant they mean seem.

As it is very windy and wet today I thought I might share some of these photos with you.

This is one of my favourites as I love to celebrate my arrival in Lima with a Bellini! This one is from last year taken on the balcony, we already have plans for this years!!


This one is me enjoying the amazing view from our roof top.

me on balcont

There is always time for Crab Ceviche and a Cusqueno in the our local fish restaurant.

crab ceviche


Surfing plays a huge part in our daily life, this is the King of Peru off to his office for the day!!

luis board

You can never have too many boards||


I even had a go myself!! (it was a very brave effort from me!!)

surfer girl

I do love the food in Peru especially Lomo Saltado (so yummy) and piccarones (very yummy) Asado and potato puree also scores very high!!

Lomo combo

I feel very blessed to call this place “Home sweet home”, I fell in love with it ¬†whilst it was still being built, I just knew it was the place for us.





Hola from Peru 7th Instalment | South American Travels | Lima, Peru |

Today has been interesting we seem to have been to so many places and still had time to go for a gorgeous walk.

This morning started with a search for a bikini boutique in Conquistador, an area of San Isidro, Lima, very nice. Lots of shops for bikinis and accessories, just the kind of thing I like to look at. The boutique is Peuque Peru and the bikinis are designed by a Argentinian, the colours are gorgeous.

I actually ended up buying an orange hat which I am wearing in the photo below and some factor 6 sun tan lotion which smells of coconut. Enough of the factor 15 I just want a great tan NOW. The hat reminded me of a Missoni hat I spotted on the internet last night but thankfully without the price tag.

After that it was off to Miraflores and my favourite place La Tiendecita Blanca for Lomo Saltado and a raspberry bellini, both were delicious as expected.

Then it was a trip to Dedalo one of my favourite shops in Barranco I had wanted to go back and check a necklace which turned out to be a disappointment but something else caught my eye. I will share this piece with you tomorrow as the I want to show the colour at it’s best which is in daylight. The camera flash is just making it look ordinary!

We did pick up some notebooks in very traditional Peruvian colours so I will be writing my blogging notes in style. Then its was melon juice in the very pretty courtyard cafe, the juice tasted like no melon ever will taste at home.

I spotted a pink bag in there with tassels and if it had been leather it would have been amazing but it wasn’t and it spoilt the effect for me.

Then it was a journey back home to the beach and as it was such a warm day we went for a walk along the coast. We had a very nice little snack whilst on our travels, Picarones, which are basically fried donuts in fig syrup and they are delicious. On the way back home it was sunset time, and it was a very pretty sunset.

Me in my new orange hat drinking a raspberry bellini

me & hat 1

Raspberry Bellini, so refreshing


Lomo Saltado


New notebooks Peruvian style


Juices and cupcakes in the courtyard at Dedalo


If this bag was leather it would be amazing, disappointed.

pink bag

Picarones frying in oil

pics frying

Hot and ready to eat in fig syrup


Teamed with Inca Kola delicious

pics and ink

Sunset time.