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Are you looking for something different? these faded blazer from Avant Toi are classic with edge and will enhance any wardrobe.

No No Yes Soft Steer Hide Blazer $1975 here


Avant Toi Faded Blazer Grey £408 here

avant toi grey

Avant Toi Faded Blazer Blue £408 here

avant toi blue

Label Under Construction Cardi €582 here

label under

Avant Toi Distressed V Neck £516 here

avant toi v neck

Corto Maltese Garberdine Jacket £322 here


Corto Maltese Colonial Jacket £294 here

corto mili

Avant Toi |Menswear|Knitted Jacket |Green Knitted Jacket|

This page is certainly a new venture for me, it started because I do believe that menswear on the high street is lacking and I do like to see men in a “killer” piece that will stand the test of time  in their wardrobe. The idea for the page came from what I see and hear at home.

This label is Italian and I think you will agree that the jacket will stand the test of time.


Avant Toi Green Knitted Jacket €589 here