Reasons to be grateful and keeping things in perspective!

On Monday the 11th December I checked my case in at the airport in Victoria Canada and I didn’t see again until Monday 18th December, a never ending week with so many obstacles. I spent a night in a hotel in Amsterdam’s Schipol airport but all I thought about was my case! I knew deep down as I boarded the flight home to Manchester via Dublin that my beloved case wouldn’t be at the end to meet me, I just didn’t realise it would week before I saw it again.

To put this into perspective it was no one’s fault in reality, snow meant that hundreds of flights were cancelled out of Amsterdam. There were hundreds of people everywhere and in the grand scheme of things my case was irrelevant.

I didn’t realise until I had my case in the boot and I was driving back from the warehouse in Wythenshaw that I had practically been holding my breath until that moment. It seems so silly now but there were so many things I didn’t want to loose even though I guess I could have claimed for it.

My daughter had asked me to post her Christmas cards in the UK and I didn’t want to let her down (in her words don’t be silly).

My beloved python print Isabel Marant Danae boots, these were bought two years ago but they my favourites

Isabel Marant Danae Boots

My gorgeous Whistles cashmere jumpers in green and blue.

My Michael Kors silver sneakers which are the most comfortable shoes ever for walking all day.

I did have to replace my makeup but that wont go to waste but I waited for my face wash wash, moisturiser etc by using the numerous samples I have collected. I also had to buy a new laptop charger but that was fine as mine was practically held together by tape. I  even had spare straighteners as I keep a pair at work.

I know I had become obsessed with the whole situation and it wasn’t really necessary as at the end of the day it is only “stuff” and the reason I went to Canada unexpectdly was to see a beautiful two year old boy who had been critically ill and his twin who just wanted his buddy home.  Thankfully they are now reunited and all is well so I am incredibly grateful and I am counting my blessings.