Hola from Peru 9th instalment | South American Travel | Lima Peru |

Well it has been a few days since I posted from Lima so here is my catchup.

One of my favourite places to visit is Magdalena Market in the Magdalena district, not far away but a different world. It is very chaotic and you can buy anything at all, and I mean anything!! There is the normal fruit & veg, the meat, ingredients for witchcraft potions plus diamonds & gold. I can remember the first time I visited 8 years ago, I must have looked like a proper tourist as the sight of the chickens hanging in the heat was enough to make me a vegetarian (well nearly). Now the sight of fruits and vegetables that are only available in Peru amaze me, they have so much variety. We all recognise corn on the cob but have you ever had purple corn.

I always love to visit the “garden centres” here they really are like small sections of the Amazon. I always keep my eyes open for unexpected creatures hiding in the trees but so far so good. I took some photos of the one we visited yesterday and I think you will have to agree the plants are amazing.

We learnt today that it was the 479th anniversary of Lima, City of Kings so I have included a photo of  Lima and the King!

As it is our last weekend it was a beach day today, I do have a tan but I just want to soak it all up, there is time enough at home to be cold and white. There were plenty of waves on both sides of the beach to keep the King happy today. He was waxing his short board this afternoon for his second session and I just loved the pink wax.

Fruit stalls at Magdalena Market


fruit 2

Purple Corn

purple corn

These herbs are ready to be turned into lotions & potions


Candles in every colour and smell


A small piece of the Amazon (ok garden centre)

tree garden centre

plant 1



It is the 479th anniversary of the Lima, The City of Kings

lima 2

The King Of Peru off surfing

luis walking

Pink Wax

board & wax