Cool Boots

If like me you have suddenly woken up to the fact that footwear can be cool and comfortable at the same time then you have probable already checked Clarks. I know that over the past few seasons I have read many column inches on the virtues of the wedges .

After many painful days walking around London this summer I decided to check them out for myself before I hastily buy a new pair of totally unsuitable boots. These are my favourites and I have to say that the Melanie Jane’s will certainly satisfy my need for a pair of boots with a certain “parisian cool girl” vibe.

Melanie Jane £59.99 (parisian cool)

African Mood £64.99 (festival chic)

Malm Magic £69.99 (smart)

Moonlit Cool £69.99 (laid back)

All available at

Melanie Jane
African Mood
Malm Magic
Moonlit Cool