Mission not impossible!

Do or die,

About a year ago I fell in love with a pair of Chloe Leather & Macrame Flat Sandals, gorgeous soft leather combined with red & blue macrame so I bought them. They were delivered and when I tried them on I knew I would have to persevere and wear them in as the macrame was so hard. Alas I am ashamed to say they went back in the box and there they stayed until friday.

That was the day I decided enough was enough and I would wear these sandals otherwise they were an absolute waste of money.

I started wearing them yesterday around the house and the experience was fairly painful, I wore them with socks, I soaked the macrame in water and wore them some more.

Today I am wearing them again around the house with socks and I do feel like I winning the game. It is now a mission I  will wear these sandals before the summer is through.

I think you can agree that are so pretty, and if anyone has any ideas on how to soften them  please let me know, I would be most grateful.

Chloe top of box
Chloe Leather & Macrame Sandals