More of my silly fashion rules!!

Do you impose unnecessary restrictions upon yourself when choosing clothes? They can be age, height, shape, colour etc, images in your head that have no need to exist.

I have imposed rules upon myself for years and we do laugh about them frequently. For instance I wouldn’t wear boyfriend jeans only skinnies, I was convinced that they buried me, I now have 2 pairs and wear them all the time.

I am only 5ft 2in so I would wear short dresses but nothing knee length or below, amazingly enough when I tried them they looked great.

Over the years the one thing that shouldn’t restrict you is age, you can wear anything as long as you style it to your shape and size. For instance yesterday I wore boyfriend shorts, people may say that shouldn’t go anywhere other than the beach in shorts after 35, well I disagree I teamed mine with a white shirt, embellished sandals and a panama and it looked completely stylish.

One of really silly rules has actually caused me to damage the tendons in my foot, a week or two of rest and it will be ok but totally avoidable. Trainers and my rule not to wear them for anything other than training. I have walked for miles around London over the last two months in ankle boots and then sandals when the heat arrived. I was told by the King of Peru (not really but thats what I call him) to buy a pair of cool trainers, but oh no I knew better! The excuses were they make my feet look big even though I take a size 3. There were numerous other excuses, to old, don’t go with clothes, my feet will be to hot, I could go on forever.

Yesterday I did actually look for a pair and found these at & Other Stories and I totally love them!!  No more sore feet for me, lesson learnt.

& Other Stories Nike Montreal Fade Trainers £62