Search for happy London feet!

Well this has been a little bit of trauma as I am not known for my common sense in this department. I don’t try to walk around in heels but I do like to look “cool” rather than comfortable.

Since my arrival here a few months ago there have been many painful moments and lots of Compeed plasters (not sure how I survived before these miracles of science).

I was absolutely sure that my Acne Pistol Boots (pink & blue) )would be the only two pairs of boots I would need in my wardrobe. This actually worked, I walked miles in them until one day it was warmer than usual and the pink pair ruined my heels just in time for me to work Graduate Fashion Week. On my feet for four days with a lot of compeed, not very nice really.

Acne Pink Star Boots
Acne Blue Star Boots

On the final night I even insisted on wearing my Silver Prada Wedges, it tool 2 painkillers to get me through this one. Such a wise choice!

Prada Silver wedges

I then tried walking around in my turquoise Sam Edelman Gigi sandals, this style has never failed me in the past. Well they have now, as a saturday in the Oxford Street area proved too much and the toe thong left me in agony.

Sam Edelman Turquoise Thong Sandals

I then invested in a pair of Dune tan sandals, not because they were comfortable but because they resembled Isabel Marant sandals. They definitely have the look and despite a few blisters they are working well.

Dune Studded Gladiators £65

Today I have found the ultimate solution!! a pair of Isabel Marant Beckett Sneakers, I am sure they are “the one’s” I will keep you posted as I am sure the saga will continue.

Isabel Marant Cobalt Beckett Sneakers

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