Self Imposed Rules, Why?

I have always lived my life by self imposed rules, how and why I really don’t know. I think to some extent everyone is guilty but until very recently I had not realised how very restricting they can be.

There are good and bad rules for instance I try not to bitch about people as I don’t think its nice and it certainly doesn’t make me feel better about situations. This is a rule I will be keeping.

The rule I have been happy to rid myself of is the “underground” one. I have always travelled to London frequently and I have always insisted on getting taxis everywhere, why I don’t know. I had convinced myself that I would hate the crowds, the noise, to complicated etc. I would happily use the underground in Paris as I thought it was prettier, safer and much simpler to use. Also Paris leaves you with little choice as you can never find a taxi anyway.

Crunch time came a few months ago when I found myself catapulted into living in Notting Hill. It is a very nice place to be but its expensive for instance to travel from Euston Station to Notting Hill or even Oxford Street to Notting Hill by taxi.

The realisation soon set in that I couldn’t actually afford to keep the taxi habit and I needed to join the real world. The first few days I paid for each journey  individually then I realised  that I needed to buy an oyster card. I actually had to have a trial run on a sunday, gently taught the ropes by my partner. Now it feels like I have been doing it forever and I really will never be able to explain why I didn’t try it sooner.

Liberating myself from this one rule has completely changed my life for the better and no huge earth shattering events happened as a consequence. Result.

I do have many more silly rules which I am tackling and I will share the results with you over the coming weeks.


2 thoughts on “Self Imposed Rules, Why?”

  1. I have done exactly the same….
    Travelling to London by car for years and driving to buying appointments instead of getting the train and then the tube. Why ,because i had watched An American Werewolf in London and although I knew that this would never happen in reality it just freaked me out.
    I can say that after more than 20 years, with the buying team in tow, I braved Green Park to Aldgate East and even though I was nervous to start ,thought what I so worried about and so quick . I think I have probably spent at least the equivalent to a couple of weeks sitting in my car in traffic for no reason !!

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