I want to live in Liberty’s‏

I have always said that I would love to live in Liberty’s, time has never changed that; I fell in love with it a long time ago.

We all have our favourite department stores, Harrod’s for its monumental grandness, Harvey Nichols for it famous 5th floor bar and Selfridges for being cool, I love all of them but none conjure up the same magic as Liberty’s. The magic starts as soon as I see the frontage and enter through the door.

Liberty's London Entrance

I can always picture the store with the main lights off and starlight coming through the roof, all very magical. There would be a big Christmas tree in the central atrium with lots of decorations and candy canes.

Today I started my journey looking at the cards and notebooks then straight into the jewellery. Today I spotted this necklace by Joomi Lin and lots of colourful bracelets.

Joomi Lin Necklace

Then I walked up the central staircase, the beautiful wooden staircase, to the 2nd floor and the cafe. I ate toasted teacakes and jam with a pot of tea, look at the beautiful presentation.

My Lovely Breakfast

On the way up I passed a gentle reminder.

Father's Day Poster

I love to take look into the central atrium, up and down, up to where the stars would shine would through and down to where the Christmas tree would be.

Liberty London

Liberty London

Then back up the beautiful wooden staircase with its creaky noises, and up again to the top. Here we have a cosy place for me to sleep and lots of blankets and cushions to keep me warm and comfortable.

Liberty London

Cushions & Blankets

There is even a table so I can eat under the stars filled with colorful plates and cups.

A Table Under The Stars

Looking over into the atrium I can see the shoes down on the first floor so off I go again to play and dream, what will they have, will they have it my size, of course they will Liberty don’t let you down. From Acne to Marant they have all of favorites, everything lined up like little gems.

A Treasure Trove of Shoes

The store is ready for closing now, if I am very quiet they wont know I am still here and I can play again tomorrow.

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