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Mossman Trunks

Mossman Trunks

I love traveling and I always have, give me a passport and I am excited. The traveling is as important as the destination and the luggage is all important. Unfortunately today’s luggage allowances and excess baggage charges do not allow for wonderfully crafted trunks. 

Mossman have been hand crafting their trunks in the UK since 1938, the golden age of glamour. With the success in recent years of British brands such as Mulberry, Hunter, Barbour, Burberry & the ever popular Cambridge Satchel Company, it proves that we the British public love well crafted products and more importantly are willing to pay for quality.

Beautifully Crafted Harris Tweed Luggage

As well as the traditional leather Mossman have covered the trunks in Harris Tweed nothing says heritage louder than this.

Today they are still used for sending the children off to boarding school but they also have a new use. They make great and decorative storage units, adding an air of vintage to your home. Fantastic for storing anything from the children’s toys to linen. I  think one would look great in my bedroom, I would keep it open and it would just be my treasure chest.

Harris Tweed Trunk

I am happy to see that they are now going to available on our high street in John Lewis Stores, go get yourself some glamour. 



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